Luxury menswear in Denver

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What does luxury menswear in Denver mean to you?

Is it just a high price tag or is it something more? At Bespoke Edge, we have created a unique luxury experience and product by focusing on a number of key areas. With this article I want to talk about two of our most prestigious cloths: Holland & Sherry and Gladson. These are both storied companies that over the decades have provided custom menswear shops with the tools to shape some of the most impressive garments in the world. Combined with our exceptional service and attention to detail, these fabric offerings have cemented Bespoke Edge as the leading option for luxury menswear in Denver and beyond.

Holland & Sherry

Established way back in 1836, Holland & Sherry has built a venerable reputation on its quality and selection. Today they provide a range of luxury fabrics such as Super 240’s worsted, pure cashmere, pure worsted vicuña and a handful of really amazing blends.

The company was first founded by Stephen Holland and Frederick Sherry when they began their business as woolen merchants at 10 Old Bond Street in London. They specialized in both woolen and silk cloths. By the turn of the 20th century a sales office was opened in New York. Subsequent decades saw growth in countries around the world. By 1982 the business moved its head office to Savile Row. Of all the cloth merchants established in the late 1800’s in Golden Square – what was once the epicenter of the woolen merchanting trade in London – only Holland & Sherry remains today.

Simply put, the Holland & Sherry label is found on some of the finest clothing in the world.



Gladson has been sourcing fine cloths to the world’s leading custom shops for over fifty years now. Officially, the company began as Gladson of England in 1948 and was founded by Benjamin Solomon. He was selling English fabrics to wholesale manufacturers on 4th Avenue in Manhattan. Gladson started to make a name for itself by selling English mohair suits as they became popular in the 50s and 60s.

Today, aside from providing an excellent selection of English wools, the company also carries an impressive line of Italian silks.

Wrap up

By offering these fabrics to our clients, Bespoke Edge is able to offer the absolute best in luxury menswear in Denver and surrounding areas. A fine fabric will ensure that you have a suit you can wear for many years to come, but our skill in fitting and design will make for a suit that you will want to wear for years to come.

By Ryan Wagner

Your new style, Part I: Focus on the basics

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It’s easy to overthink men’s style. Flip through a magazine and you’re often left with the impression that in order to look good, you need the latest and greatest. But it doesn’t have to be that way. To find your new style, you just need to respect a few rules of the road and keep things basic. There will be plenty of opportunity for experimentation later.

Dress shirt

The single best thing you can do to your dress shirt is to press it.

Even if you own one of our finest bespoke shirts, if it’s full of wrinkles and looks like you just pulled it out of the wash and put it on, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Whether you send your shirts out or iron them yourself, make sure you give extra attention to the placket (that double layer of fabric that holds the buttons and buttonholes) and the collar. When these are nice and pressed your shirt is going to look great. You’ll be well on your way to honing your new style.

A well pressed collar is especially important when wearing a suit or sportcoat without a tie because the collar will need to stand up on its own. A frumpy looking collar collapsing under the weight of a suit collar is a sad thing.


Do your pants fit? They probably do in the waist, but what about in the length? Most guys today are wearing pants that are just too long. The breaks at the ankle that were popular in the 90s and early 2000s are now a very dated look. While I think a slight break is OK, and a matter of personal taste, anything more is just too much. That excessive break is going to make you look shorter than you are.

The fix is either shopping for new pants or hemming the ones you have. For the latter, find a good local tailor and, wearing the pants, fold the pant leg in on itself to the height that you want the new hem to be at. While you’re there, consider tapering the pants too for a more fitted look.

Shine your shoes

When was the last time you shined your shoes? If you don’t know when, then that’s your homework for today. You have two options. Either buy some shoe polish and find an old rag to use or head to the mall, or your otherwise closest shoe shine kiosk. Trust me, you’ll be quite pleased that you shined your shoes. There’s something that is just so satisfying about seeing the original luster in your dull leather shoes come back to life. And like bespoke clothing, having your shoes shined is just one of those traditional and romantic things to do.

Simplify your jacket and shirt combo

It’s easy to think that when you need (or want!) to wear a sportcoat that you have to match it perfectly with everything else you’re wearing. Before you know it, you’re overthinking the whole thing. “Does this check pattern match my plaid sportcoat? Can I even wear a check shirt with this?!” When you find yourself getting stuck in the weeds like this, take a step back and simplify things.

Instead of trying to get too creative, reach for a simple white dress shirt. Make sure it’s pressed and wear it open collar by unbuttoning the top two buttons. You can rest assured that your jacket matches just fine because anything goes with a white shirt. And if the shirt is well pressed and your jacket lint free, then you’re good to go.

Remember, when in doubt, check out our gallery for some inspiration.

custom dress shirt denver

Wrap up

Boosting your style doesn’t need to be complicated, nor does it need to cost a lot. Focus on the basics and do them well to hone your new style. There’s no need to worry about having the latest look that you see in the magazines. Putting your effort into a well pressed dress shirt or hemming your pants will go a long ways.

Other resources:

There are so many great resources out there today for men who want to dress better. Want to find your new style? There really is something for everyone these days. HeSpokeStyle is a photo-centric blog by the very talented Brian Sacawa. Another great example is the blog, The Modest Man, a resource serving the shorter gentleman.

Barton Watch Bands – Customize your wrist


Brett and I are watch guys. Although I don’t feel like we can call ourselves collectors just yet, between the two of us, we certainly have a nice collection of pieces. And being the well dressed men that we are, we carefully select our watches according to what we are wearing. There are casual and elegant watches – and everything in between – just as there are casual and elegant bespoke suits and shirts. Recently, we came across a very cool company that played directly into our addiction – Barton Watch Bands.

The company manufactures a range of silicone, nylon, and leather bands that work with almost any standard watch with a spring bar. This is great news for anyone who needs to replace a worn out watchband, but especially great news for watch geeks like Brett and I because we can now artificially amplify our collection! The Barton bands are so easy to swap out that we can do so in less than a minute.

For instance, if I’m dressing to impress with my French cuff white dress shirt and dark peaked lapel suit, I can grab the black and ivory band. Or, if I’m going a bit more casual on a warm October day in Denver, I can grab something a little more fall inspired, like this one. Two different styles, but with the same watch.

I got in touch with Zach Steen, of Barton Watch Bands, to learn a little bit more about the company and how it all started.

nato style watch band

[Ryan] How did Barton Watch Bands come to be? What was the inspiration behind the brand?

[Zach] Our founder was a longtime fan of NATO straps (nylon one-piece watch bands) and liked them not only for their comfort and durability, but also for how quickly they could be swapped in and out to match a particular outfit or occasion. He was never able to find straps that were designed quite the way he thought they should. They were all too long, the hardware was bulky and the selection of colors was limited. He knew there must be other watch enthusiasts that felt the same way and went ahead and designed our initial collection of straps.

Around the same time, smart watches like the Pebble and Samsung Gear S2 were starting to build in popularity and they helped the general public grasp the idea of switching out your watch band for different activities. So, we have definitely benefitted somewhat from not only the smart watch craze but also from the realization that it created for owners of traditional timepieces…particularly, that you don’t have to marry yourself to a single watch band for each timepiece.

nato style watch band

Some of the bands you offer are “NATO Style.” What does this really mean?

Nylon “NATO Straps” actually have a history that dates back to the late 60s or early 70s. The British Ministry of Defense was the first to use them as standard issues for their soldiers and later they were more broadly adopted by NATO troops. So the idea has been around for quite a while. However, our straps are somewhat different than those original NATO Straps. For example, traditional NATO straps commonly have two metal rings to secure the free end of the strap, whereas ours have a nylon loop to secure the loose end. As a result, our straps have a cleaner look that’s more appropriate for the office or a night on the town than it is for the battlefield.

nato style watch band

What type of watches work with your bands?

Our bands are designed to work with any watch that uses standard spring bars that are between 18mm and 24mm in width. This accounts for thousands of makes/models of both traditional and smart watches. It takes less than a minute to remove a band from a watch and less than 15 seconds to attach any of our bands or to switch from one of our bands to another. All of our silicone and leather bands have integrated quick release spring bars that require no tools to attach or remove. We also sell those same quick release spring bars for use with our NATO Style Straps. Thus, you can switch between the nylon, leather and silicone effortlessly.

nato style watch band-barton-watch-bands

What guidance can you offer on selecting the right band?

There are basically three considerations that come into play – the watch, the outfit and the activity. First, it’s important to determine the lug width of your watch, so you know what width band to purchase. Lug widths of most watches can be found online or you can take a metric ruler and measure the width of the watch at the point where the band attaches.  We offer bands in widths of 18mm, 20mm, 22mm and 24mm, all of which are very common. Thus, there’s a fairly good chance we’ll have a band that will fit your watch perfectly.

Next, you need to consider the activity.  Leather and nylon tends to be more popular and appropriate for the workplace and formal occasions, while the silicone is great for a workout or active lifestyle. From golfers to ER nurses and everything in between, our watch straps cater to endless occasions. Most of our customers own between three and four bands for each watch they own and like to switch back and forth between them. As mentioned previously, it only takes a few seconds to swap between them!

Once you know what type of material you’re after, you can move on to picking out colors. If your watch does not have any vibrant colors (for example, if it is some combination of white, black and silver) then almost any color combination will look good on it. Instead, consider your wardrobe as a whole as well as what other accessories you may be wearing in combination with a specific watch on a given day. Choosing a color that is present, but underrepresented in the rest of your outfit can really help pull the whole deal together. If you are wearing neutral colors, consider adding a little kick to the ensemble with something bright like red, pink or green.

On the other hand, if your watch has a couple of colors worked into the design of the dial or casing, we recommend including at least one of those colors in the band. For example, a watch that has tiny highlights of red on the hour hands will typically look great with some red in the band. On the other hand, if the watch has a lot of red in the design itself, you may want a little less red present in the band – just enough to complement it.

Wrap up

Brett and I have both been very impressed with the quality and affordability of these bands. You can also pick up some buckles in different finishes – something that appeals to our affinity for all things custom :).

Visit Barton at their website to view their full collection.

Our 2016 fall lookbook


The changing leaves in Denver are our annual reminder to publish the BE fall lookbook. As any Coloradoan can tell you, we will still have a handful of 80 degree days ahead of us, but make no mistake, the typical crisp fall weather is on the way. It’s a fun time of year. Halloween ushers in the roundup of holidays and seasonal perks like apple cider and pumpkin spiced beverages remind us of a change in the air.

Fall is also the time to throw on another layer or two. As much as I love my short sleeve shirts and shorts, I can’t deny that there is a sense of satisfaction in wearing a cozy sweater or reaching for my favorite sportcoat knowing that it will help to serve a functional purpose and keep me warm in the early mornings.

So, how is 2016 shaping up to be different than last year’s style? We are seeing sophisticated earth tones and vibrant purples take the lead this fall and holiday season. I think it’s a modern take on our rugged, Colorado personality.

Living in Denver, you can’t help but adopt a frontier attitude. Sartorially speaking, we are actively building our own identity. Bespoke Edge has been at the forefront of this conversation with men’s style. Our fall lookbook explores the sophisticated and the casual. The new and the old. We are pairing the finest available fabrics with skilled tailoring to create our art — a fit that is without rival and a style that is as individual as your own signature.

Let’s take a look at some of our favorites this season.


The casual flannel that you see above was designed in partnership with Brad Lincoln of Fort Collins based Funkwerks Brewing. The fabric is one of our finest flannels, but the styling makes for a casual and versatile dress shirt. We coined it the Saison as a nod to the fine beers Brad is brewing.

casual fall sportcoat denver custom suits

This sportcoat is aimed squarely at the holiday party. It’s almost like a purple houndstooth, but settled on a black foundation. Single button closure makes this coat a go-to cocktail jacket. The peaked lapel and besom pockets make for an undeniably sleek sportcoat. Paired with a print dress shirt, this outfit almost demands a cocktail or glass of champagne in hand.

paisley denver custom dress shirt

Fall in Colorado means a mix of weather. It’s entirely possible to see snow in the city in October, even September. On the other hand, at the time of writing, this Friday is forecast to be 81 degrees! For the days that still have a hint of summer, there’s this elegant paisley in French cuffs. This is one of Brett’s personal custom dress shirts. I think it’s a great example of what we often refer to as our Colorado frontier sensibility with the hidden skull contrast fabric in the cuff. The shirt almost says, you can dress me up, but I still have a wild side!

unique fall blazer denver custom suits

We really love this sportcoat for fall. It’s made in one of our finest available Holland & Sherry fabrics. This genre of fabrics is world-renowned for its exceptional quality and aesthetic. The brown coat is perfect for fall, but the secondary hue in blue elevates the coat for a warm day and is a perfect match to our expansive sky that is pure Colorado.

unique denver custom suits

Notice how the chest pocket lines up perfectly with the pattern of the rest of the coat. And how the hip pockets are slanted slightly upward – a sign of a truly bespoke coat.

Pick stitching is prevalent throughout and nicely complements another great detail – the working button holes.

best denver custom suits unique sportcoat

In full sunlight you’ll notice that the blue plaid is almost washed out. Consequently, this coat is versatile with other dress shirts, like the white one that Brett is wearing above. He paired the jacket with his best pair of jeans. He can pull it off because his jeans are crisp and clean and free of any holes or signs of distress. Otherwise, the elegance of his Holland & Sherry coat fabric would clash with his pants.


We hope that the above looks give you some inspiration this fall. Have fun with color and don’t forget the sportcoat.

By Ryan Wagner