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Colorado Style, Part 4: Funkwerks Brewing

Welcome to Part IV of the Bespoke Edge Colorado Style campaign. In this edition, we are catching up with one of Fort Collin’s award winning breweries – Funkwerks. Specifically, we sat down with one of the founders, Brad Lincoln, and asked him to tell us a bit about the business. And of course, we asked both Brad and his co-founder, Gordon Schuck, to design a custom dress shirt.

Here’s what happened:

1. [Bespoke Edge] How did the business get started? Can you tell us a little about your background? And Gordon’s background?

[Brad Lincoln] Gordon and I met in Chicago at the Siebel Institute for Brewing Science in 2009. I decided to abandon my career as a CPA in and enrolled. Gordon had an engineering background and prior to signing up for brewing school, was working in Steamboat at Moot’s Cycles building titanium bicycle frames.

Our diverse backgrounds complimented one another and we decided to become partners. I flew out to Steamboat, CO to write up the business plan with Gordon and we decided to start the brewery in Fort Collins because of the established and growing beer culture.


2. Funkwerks has built quite a name for itself with its saisons – what led the two of you to focus on this style of beer?

We decided to start a niche brewery for a couple of reasons. Gordon has a passion for Saisons and had won an award from his homebrewed Saison at the National Homebrew Competition in 2007. IPAs were in fashion, as they still are, and Saisons were rare to come by, which helped us to stand out in the oversaturated market.

It was considered a risky move at the time, due to the lack of knowledge of the beer style in the market. However, the strong beer culture in Fort Collins really gave us an advantage and people were excited to taste and learn more about our beer.

3. What has been your favorite beer creation to date, and why?

My favorite has always been our Solenna, which was a dry hoped Belgian-Style Amber with Brettanomyces. Because of the use of Brettanomyces the beer changed as it aged. It went from sweet and fruity, to funky, to ultra dry in a matter of months.

4. Please briefly describe your thinking behind the BE shirts each of you created.

Gordon chose a Paisley material because he recently named a beer Paisley and the label had a beautiful paisley pattern that may have been his favorite label we’ve made.

Anyone who knows me can tell you that my wardrobe is chock-full of plaid shirts. Last Halloween, Gordon wore a plaid shirt and the team thought Gordon was dressing up for Halloween as me. Apparently, plaid has become my identity, so I chose an orange plaid material, one of the hardest colors to find.

Custom shirts not only fit better, they reflect the individuality of people through their clothing.



5. What’s the future of Funkwerks look like?

When we started Funkwerks, it was never in my plans to be as large as we are now. I never expected to be brewing over 1,000 barrels of beer a year. In 2015 we plan to brew 3,000 barrels, which is still relatively small, we brew 15 barrel batches and now have 18 employees.

We recently started bottling in 4-packs. We will package Raspberry Provincial, our Belgian Fruit Sour in August of this year, and hopefully have our Belgian Quad in 4-packs by this winter.

Our barrel-aging program continues to grow as well. We recently purchased more oak barrels, in addition to our first Foeder (which is essentially a large oak barrel). Growing our barrel capacity should allow us to have a barrel-age and sour beer more available.


About Funkwerks Brewing

Funkwerks Brewing is a Fort Collins based niche brewery specializing in saisons. For those of you that may be familiar with Brewery Row in Fort Collins, Funkwerks is presently located in the facility that Fort Collins Brewery once called home (back when I was 21!). They are brewing some great beer and the taproom is always filled with friendly faces. You may even see me there…

By Ryan Wagner

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BE Style Profile: Boulder’s Andy Manz

keep your cool

So, every now and again, we write a blog post on a shirt that really caught our eye. Something that may be a bit extra unique and eye-catching. And so for this article, we are taking a close look at the shirt that Andy Manz created.

Andy is the founder and publisher of local magazine, Boulder Lifestyle. It’s a monthly publication that covers all things Boulder. He and his team have a knack for finding the stories and people that make Boulder so unique.

Ryan sat down with Andy recently to ask him about how he picked out his shirt:

1. Your shirt fabric has a bit of a nautical theme, can you give us a little insight into why you opted for this cloth?

I grew up on a lake in the mid-west, which had a very strong sailing community. Although we are short on lakes here in Colorado, this shirt reminds me of my roots, and a lot of good memories on the water.



2. Being in the magazine business, you’ve no doubt seen the Boulder area really grow up over the past 5 years – what do you think has been the biggest change?

Boulder has always been a hub for entrepreneurs, but it seems the roof has really blown off in the last three years. The creative ingenuity in this little bubble is quite remarkable. There are revolutionary minds living among us – and I certainly feel privileged to have a front row seat. You walk into Snooze for breakfast, or Boxcar Coffee on any given morning, and there they are.

3. I heard a rumor that spontaneous bluegrass jams can sometimes spring up on your porch. Tell us a little about that hobby.

I grew up a huge music fan. My mom played the guitar and piano growing up. We always had music on in the house as a kid. The drums were my first instrument in Junior High and High School. In my final year of college, I picked up the guitar and couldn’t put it down. I ended up skipping a lot of class that year, teaching myself guitar off the internet. After college, a buddy talked me into moving out to Vail (wasn’t a hard choice), and I had the good fortune of playing some weekly gigs at some of the ski bars after working on the mountain during the day. I love playing music in Colorado. You can bust out a B-side Grateful Dead song and everyone in the crowd knows it. One of my most memorable moments, was playing with Sean Kelly (The Samples) at the restaurant I co-founded back in Kansas City. It was for a friend’s bachelor party and there was a terrible snow storm that night. The only people there were part of our crew. Just 20 dudes and us jamming with Sean Kelly until about 4:00am. You can have Vegas, that’s my idea of a bachelor party!


4. You have a full house (including a newborn) and a busy magazine business to run, how do you stay on top of everything?!

Yes, indeed! We have four kids under the age of six, so things are pretty crazy. As with business, each stage has joy’s and challenges. I think the key to both is having a good supporting cast. My wife, Kate, is the rock of our family. Not only is she the creative director of three magazines, but she also is a full-time home maker. She definitely keeps me balanced, reminding me to enjoy the ride and not get too wrapped up in things that aren’t really of value. The world throws a lot of shiny distractions at us. In the same sense, the team we have assembled for Lifestyle Publications has really taken form. I am extremely grateful for the effort they put forth day in and day out.



Like Andy Manz’s shirt? Check it out here in the BE store.

About Andy Manz’s Boulder Lifestyle magazine:

Boulder Lifestyle magazine is monthly publication that was created exclusively for and about the people that call Boulder home. The website maintains a comprehensive calendar of events and even offers a free digital subscription. Learn more about Andy Manz and Boulder Lifestyle Magazine here.

By Ryan Wagner

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Colorado Style, Part 3: Bryan Dayton of Acorn Restaurant


In Part 3 of our Colorado Style campaign, we profiled restaurateur Bryan Dayton of the Boulder based Oak at Fourteenth restaurant, and more recently, the Acorn restaurant in Denver. Along with partner Steven Redzikowski, Bryan runs two of Colorado’s most sought-after restaurants. Oak and Acorn both focus on bringing contemporary American cuisine, with local and seasonal ingredients, to the hip Boulder and Denver dining scenes.

It’s the duo’s commitment to service and quality of product that inspired us to call them up and offer them an opportunity to be a part of our Colorado style project.

We sat down with Bryan Dayton to ask him about his business and the shirt fabric he picked out.



1. [Bespoke Edge] You and your business partner Steven have built not one, but two restaurants that have some of the most sought after table reservations in the Denver area – what is it that you think makes Oak and Acorn unique?

[Bryan] I think it’s our attention to the wood fired cookery and the details of the beverage program. I think the passion of our teams sets this apart to how they execute everyday!

2. Denver’s cocktail scene has really grown up in the past several years. Can you explain to us the difference between a mixologist and a bartender?

A bartender is someone who worked behind the stick prior 2005 that battened for the craft and the love of hospitality. I’m a bartender. A mixologist is a modern bartender. It’s a fancy name.

3. Besides your own bars, what is your favorite place for a drink?

Williams and Graham & the Sundowner Saloon

4. Can you tell us a little bit about why you designed your shirt the way you did? What made you go for skulls?!

I’m an old skate rock and roll punk at heart. I love it. It fit well with my roots yet still a bright color!


5. What does the future look like? Any upcoming restaurants or bars you can tease us about?

You might see something coming down the pipeline in the near future! I’ll keep you posted!;)


Drop in to Acorn sometime in Denver (3350 Brighton Blvd) to say hello to Bryan – and keep an eye out for that shirt!

About the Colorado Style campaign:

Bespoke Edge set out on an adventure during the summer of 2015. Hoping to answer the question, what is Colorado style for men, we interviewed 6 of Colorado’s most innovative creatives and asked them to design a dress shirt – anything that they wanted. This blog post is the third of 6. We will summarize our findings at the very end. Stay tuned.

Photo credit: Ashley Kidder Portraits

Colorado vintage wedding inspiration

This past summer we had the pleasure of being included in a Colorado vintage wedding styled photo shoot. The photo shoot was organized by Ashley Kidder, of Urban Safari Photography, and with collaboration of some really awesome Denver vendors.

Ashley’s inspiration behind the shoot came from wanting to blend a bold color palette with a touch of vintage. Our contribution to the styled photo shoot was a custom shirt and heirloom cufflinks.

So, we worked to build a shirt that was both timeless and had enough depth to match the vintage theme. We settled on a white and blue tattersall with contrast paisley french cuffs. The shirt allowed the groom to stand alone without a jacket, yet not overpower his bride. And he got to wear a killer bright red bowtie.

While it depends on the theme of your wedding, we always recommend wearing a suit. Granted we are a little biased since we are a suiting company. However, if you’re going for the casual approach without a jacket, here are a few things to think about:

Keep it simple:

A timeless shirt will always stand up to the occasion. It’s all in the details. Some details are for you and your bride like embroidering both of your initials on your shirt or cuff, or having the date embroidered on the inside pocket of your suit jacket. While other details can be more colorful like contrast stitching and fabric inlays.

Plan ahead:

If you’re investing in a custom suit or tux for your wedding, think of how you can wear it in the future. Will this be your next date night jacket or fall blazer? As for this tattersall shirt, this is something you can wear again at the office or out on a date.

Subtle Matching:

I love being able to match my date with subtle highlights in stitching and fabric inlays. Everything about you for the day is considered, whether that is your highlight stitching or a simple collar inlay.


Colorado vintage wedding


custom dress shirt in a Colorado vintage wedding





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Colorado vintage wedding: Local vendors

Venue: Lionsgate Event Center
Photography: Urban Safari Photography
Planning: Uptown Planning
Coordination + styling: Long Ago Love
Floral: Bella Calla
Dress: Felicé Bridal
Rentals: Patina Preferred
Wine box: Bohemian Woodworx
Hair: Lauren Arnke Hair Design
Paper: Sweet Zion Paperie
Makeup: Steele the Spotlight
Desserts: Cupcake Libations
Bowtie: Knotty Tie
Menswear: The Bespoke Edge
Models: Ashley + Brett Foy #foreverfoys