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How to choose a wedding suit


So you popped the question and thought the hard part was over, right? Then the onslaught of planning began. It may have started small. Say, the venue. Picking a date. The easy stuff.

But what you may or may not have noticed was that your bride has been busily planning a slew of details from what flowers will be in season during the wedding to table settings. In short, she is busy planning a custom wedding.

And if you’re shaking your head right now saying to yourself, well, this doesn’t concern me, I just need to show up, you’re missing a huge opportunity. An opportunity to not only impress your bride (this will pay dividends, big time), but an opportunity to get yourself a great new wardrobe. One that can be dressed up for business and down for date night. In fact, you may even be mistaken for being a well dressed gentleman!

Here’s the bottom line: Buying a nice suit and tie for your wedding day can be economical, stylish and above all, a way to do more than ‘just show up’ for your wedding.

For you future grooms, choosing to go custom is a way to honor your bride’s planning efforts by looking great in a custom suit and awesome neck tie.


What’s a custom wedding?

From a guy’s standpoint, a custom wedding is this:

Purchasing a custom suit that will make you feel like James Bond and matching with a one-of-a-kind tie.

Traditionally, men go out and find a rental tuxedo and they’re done. Then a day before the wedding, they drive to the mall, pick up their tux, get married, and return it to the store. At which point the tux is laundered and hung back on a hanger in the back room where it patiently waits for the next guy.

But today many guys are opting for a suit. After all, suits can be very formal (think: black tie event) and yet can be dressed down by loosening the collar or having a fun tie. More casual weddings may even be held outdoors where a tux just seems out of place.

Whether it’s a generational thing or just avante-garde, custom weddings are here to stay. And here’s why…

It’s cheaper!

Now most guys like to think at a conceptual level so let’s take a bird’s eye view for a moment. You rent a tux or suit and wear it for one day. And you pay almost $200. Hmmm.

What if you bought an off the rack suit for, say, $400. If you have an average body type then it may even fit you decently. But this is your wedding and you need to look great. You need to put in the effort because that’s exactly what your bride is doing. So now let’s conside you got a fully cusotm suit from Denver provider The Bespoke Edge. It fits you like a glove and it’s as comfortable as your pajamas. The fine wool even breathes – not that you’d be sweating on your wedding day :).

And of course you pick out a custom tie that actually tells a story instead of what a rental company tells you will match.

Now what does your outfit cost? Certainly less than $200 a day, that’s for sure! You can wear the suit whenever you like. You have a nice custom shirt that you can wear to the office or out on the town. A good suit will last years. And a great tie never goes out of style. This is the essence of investment clothing – clothes that look and feel great, and in the long run, ends up being the more economical option.


Your clothes can tell a story

With a custom outfit a man can better express who he really is. And a real man always has one eye to the past and one to the future. How does this translate to a wedding suit. Consider this example:

Let’s say that you are an athletic Coloradoan with a penchant for the beach. So, here’s what you might do, you might go with (3) working button holes on your custom suit sleeve because (4) is just too ordinary and each button is a different tropical color – azul blue, sea green, Clownfish orange. Beginning to get the idea?

Or maybe your bride’s favorite color is purple. And her flower arrangements are purple. So why not make the bottom button hole stitching on your vest purple?

All of these suggestions are very subtle tweaks to a suit. From afar you’ll be a well dressed gentlemen in a modern suit and from close, you’ll be a man of style. Details make the man.

And then there’s the tie…or bow tie perhaps. Matching the colors of the tie to your partner’s garment can be a great way to show unity with the entire wedding party. The fellas over at Knotty Tie Co. make this easier than ever, and they make each tie by hand right here in Denver, if you’re into local. Imagine how great everyone will look standing alongside each other with matching ties, or perhaps, all matching colors but different patterns? Maybe distinguish yourself by inverting the colors from the other groomsmen or have Knotty designers create the tie you can only imagine. The design and colors will say a lot about you; largely, that you care and are unique, two very important things for what will be a very important day. You can even give the ties as a gift with a personal touch to your groomsmen by adding a custom tag to say thank you and give a gift that can be worn again and again.

Custom just plain fits

No point is more central than this: no matter the label on your clothes, it must fit your body.

Sometimes we get too wrapped up in what brand of clothes we are wearing when the one thing that people really notice is how your clothes fit you.

Are you broad in the shoulders and slim in the waist? Show off that Colorado athleticism with a shirt that actually fits. You’ll be amazed by how much more athletic you’ll look.

Or maybe you’re on the slim side. You’re probably used to wearing shirts that make you feel like you’re swimming in your clothes. Having a shirt that is just the right length in the arms and not too large in the neck is going to make you look great.


Image credit Joshua Polson | The Greeley Tribune

The necktie (or bow tie!)

“Slimmer ties with a width of about 2.5 inches are considered modern today,” says Jeremy Priest of Knotty Tie. And BE agrees. The width of your tie at its widest point should match the width of your jacket lapel. A great fitting suit demands a great looking tie.

Another benefit of a slim suit and slim tie – looking slimmer yourself. The nice clean lines of a slim suit helps to project an image of length, thereby reducing the perception of your width.

And sometimes the last thing some guys want is to look taller. In this case, one can wear a custom shirt with a horizontal stripe pattern or a tie with a similar geometric scheme to to create the perception that your body is wider than it is.


Confidence boost

But perhaps the best reason for going with a custom wedding is the confidence boost you’ll enjoy. Let’s face it, when you’re dressed like James Bond in a perfectly tailored suit and great looking tie, you’re going to feel like you can take on the world.

You’re also going to be more comfortable. When most guys think about dressing up in a suit and tie they grimace, imagine their childhood when they were forced into a bad suit and just like that they think that their wedding suit will be yet another uncomfortable experience.

But custom suits actually fit. The collar doesn’t need to choke you and you should be nice and comfortable when seated. And great ties are going to be better than anything clip on (trust me).

Comfort + Feeling like 007 = happy groom

See? Walking down the aisle should be no problem at all!

Are you ready to go custom?

Dressing like a real man can be a lot easier than you think. All you really need is a great looking suit and a tie that sets you apart from the crowd.

Most importantly, your bride is putting in a lot of effort for your wedding day (including marrying you 🙂 ). And when you put in the effort too she is going to notice.

Smiles all around!

By Ryan Wagner

Why this should be your wedding suit


When you’re in the men’s clothing business you have to keep your ear to the ground to keep abreast of new trends. Fortunately, men’s style doesn’t change at anywhere near the pace of women’s style, but that’s not to say that nothing happens. Case in point: Pleats have gone the way of the dinosaur.

But here at BE we have noticed an interesting trend in how the groom is dressing himself for his wedding (or shall we say, how his bride may be dressing him!). It seems that about half of all grooms are choosing to buy a suit for their big day versus opting to rent a tux. This doesn’t necessarily mean that weddings are getting more casual, but rather they are growing more personalized and custom.

With a wedding suit all his own, the groom has more control over what he’s wearing as opposed to an off-the-rack and dry cleaned tux. Of course, a tux will always be more formal than a suit, but the latter has the added benefit of becoming your go-to suit after the honeymoon. That is, instead of returning it to the shop you can take it right to your closet and wear it again and again.

But in order to make good use of your money you need to know a few tricks. The three of us at BE have put our heads together and come up with a short checklist to make sure you are headed in the right direction. Following these tips will help to ensure that you find a suit that can be dressed up and personalized for your wedding (and the office) and down for the wedding reception (and happy hours down the road).

Two button

It’s 2014 fellas, better stick with the 2-button jacket. High or low stance is up to you – we can help you out with this.


For the uninitiated, the lapel is the collar of your suit jacket. When you are shopping for a suit, you’re really going to be confronted with (2) choices: The notched or the peaked lapel.

Those of us at BE went back and forth on this one. A peaked lapel can be very flashy and strong, but at the end of the day, a notched lapel suit is just going to be a more useful suit for everyday wear. So, stick with a notch in your lapel. Unless of course, you are the type of guy that jumps in the deep end first!


Go with a grey (sharkskin perhaps?!) or charcoal. These are the most versatile fabrics for a suit, so much so that we recommend them as the best fabric for any man’s first suit. But the real versatility of these fabrics lie in their applicability to the office world. “Both of these fabrics will serve as a great background to any range of fun or conservative shirts” says BE founder Ron Wagner.

Pick a fun pocket square

You’re the man of honor and so you need a great pocket square. Go with your bride’s favorite color to be safe :).

Your turn

It’s your wedding so you need to customize at least a little. How about matching the lapel button hole threads to your bride’s flowers? Or maybe you want to customize the buttons themselves – a little color perhaps? Here’s a fun one: The jacket lining (polka dots!). Check out our gallery for a little inspiration, or our Pinterest page. Just to give you an example of all the options, below is our fabric book – tons of shirt fabrics to choose from.


So those are the major items that will help you to choose a versatile suit. Beyond that, it’s up to you. We don’t want to get too selective because after all, you need to personalize your wedding.

Question? Feel free to drop us a note at

By Ryan Wagner