How do you take my measurements?

The process is easy and convenient.  Just make an appointment with Ron to view our outstanding selection of fabrics and begin creating your one-of-a-kind garment.  Ron’s preference is to meet with you in person, but we do accept measurements from other tailors.  We will provide the necessary measurement chart for you or your tailor to complete.  Then send us your measurements and we’ll take it from there!

Happy New Year From The Bespoke Edge

The Bespoke Edge opened in October of 2012. Although we have only been open for a short period of time, we have had a successful year. And it’s all thanks to you! Planning for The Bespoke Edge started way back in the summer of 2012. The inspiration behind BE came from my two sons, Ryan and Brett, who grew up around the clothing industry and have combined their own individual styles and ideas to this project. The result is a family collaboration that has created a dynamic company.

We have a lot of great features coming in 2013 to help make your shopping experience easier and more personal. We hold firm to our belief that your clothes should be as individual as you are and so should your experience with The Bespoke Edge. If there are any questions please feel free to contact me. From all of us at The Bespoke Edge, Happy New Year!

By Ron Wagner

7 Grooming and Dress Tips for Men

Attention to detail is crucial when creating that competitive edge! Sometimes the small details that most of us do not think about, are in fact what others really pick up on. That potential new employer notices your less than perfect appearance, or the new client that you are trying to win over does not see your A-game that day. It is truly the little things that can derail that well thought out outfit or the grooming details that we do not think are important!

My son, Brett, this past weekend told me a story of when one of his colleagues shared their interview methods with him. The colleague, who had conducted many interviews in his career, said that after he was introduced to the applicant the first thing he would look at would be their fingernails. Were they dirty, were taken care of, did the applicant wash his/her hands before they walked in the door? Depending on the quality of the applicants fingernails the interview would continue based on the premise that if the applicant doesn’t take the time to wash his/her hands or take care of themselves, how can they pay attention to the details for the company. While this example may be a little extreme, I find it interesting that sometimes people pay attention to what’s least expected. It’s important to take pride in how you present yourself, your hair doesn’t have to be perfect everyday, but it’s always worth trying to look your best!

Here at The Bespoke Edge would like to offer the following 7 grooming and dress tips that will help polish your image and fine-tune your current wardrobe.

1) Clean and polished dress shoes
If your dress shoes can be polished, shine them up! If they can’t be polished, at least make sure you didn’t spill something right on the toe of your shoe.

2) Match belt color to shoe color
This is a subtle detail that goes a long way. It doesn’t have to match perfectly but a simple rule, brown belt goes with brown shoes, and black belt with black shoes.

3) Socks, socks, socks!
When in doubt, match your sock color to your blazer color. But have some fun here, throw in some brightly colored socks to contrast your suit, can’t go wrong with argyles or a fun polka-dot!

4) Well-groomed hairstyle
Shampoo, conditioner, product. Whatever your style is make sure it’s clean and looks like you’ve paid attention to it in the last 24 hours.

5) Cleaned and trimmed fingernails
Like my son’s story, clean your fingernails and wash your hands. Try to stay away from the bad habit of biting your fingernails. It’s one thing if you’re working out in the backyard and get your hands dirty, but that’s why there’s soap, clean ‘em up!

6) Minimal cologne
Cologne is meant to be an intimate fragrance, if you walk by me and I can smell it for 5 minutes after you’ve left the room, it’s too much! One spray will suffice, spray on your bare neck and chest or on a wrist, then dab your wrist on your neck. Do not rub on your skin, this will reduce the length of time cologne lasts. Focus on pulse points, like your neck and wrists.

7) Take a shower
Take a shower and wash your face. At of all the challenges in your day, this should not be very difficult. Clean yourself up daily and smell good.

Feel free to contact us at with other questions that you have about developing that professional, business wardrobe. A big part of looking and feeling your best are your clothes. Wearing the right clothes for the right occasion and of course well fit clothing. Fitted clothes that match your individual body shape and style go a long way. Shouldn’t you have clothing that is as individual as you are?

What is a train ticket pocket?


Have you ever wondered what is a train ticket pocket on jackets? It’s called a train ticket pocket, or ticket pocket. The pocket has been making it’s appearance more often on men’s jackets and blazers over the last few years but it made it’s debut closer to the 1800s. The common opinion is that the ticket pockets’ origin is the early days of train travel in the UK. Frequent train riders needed a pocket that allowed for easy access of their train tickets. Having the pocket slightly higher on the jacket made it easily accessible while sitting down or keeping the jacket buttoned.

Some modern day ticket pockets are just for show and simply a flap. Personally I’m a fan of honesty in clothing and prefer a functioning pocket. While not many of us these days need a pocket for an actual train ticket, the pocket still serves a modern day purpose. It is perfectly sized for business cards, change, or that quickly accessible cash for the cab. Not to mention having a ticket pocket is a great head turner and conversation starter.