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Your new style, Part I: Focus on the basics

custom wedding suit your new style

It’s easy to overthink men’s style. Flip through a magazine and you’re often left with the impression that in order to look good, you need the latest and greatest. But it doesn’t have to be that way. To find your new style, you just need to respect a few rules of the road and keep things basic. There will be plenty of opportunity for experimentation later.

Dress shirt

The single best thing you can do to your dress shirt is to press it.

Even if you own one of our finest bespoke shirts, if it’s full of wrinkles and looks like you just pulled it out of the wash and put it on, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Whether you send your shirts out or iron them yourself, make sure you give extra attention to the placket (that double layer of fabric that holds the buttons and buttonholes) and the collar. When these are nice and pressed your shirt is going to look great. You’ll be well on your way to honing your new style.

A well pressed collar is especially important when wearing a suit or sportcoat without a tie because the collar will need to stand up on its own. A frumpy looking collar collapsing under the weight of a suit collar is a sad thing.


Do your pants fit? They probably do in the waist, but what about in the length? Most guys today are wearing pants that are just too long. The breaks at the ankle that were popular in the 90s and early 2000s are now a very dated look. While I think a slight break is OK, and a matter of personal taste, anything more is just too much. That excessive break is going to make you look shorter than you are.

The fix is either shopping for new pants or hemming the ones you have. For the latter, find a good local tailor and, wearing the pants, fold the pant leg in on itself to the height that you want the new hem to be at. While you’re there, consider tapering the pants too for a more fitted look.

Shine your shoes

When was the last time you shined your shoes? If you don’t know when, then that’s your homework for today. You have two options. Either buy some shoe polish and find an old rag to use or head to the mall, or your otherwise closest shoe shine kiosk. Trust me, you’ll be quite pleased that you shined your shoes. There’s something that is just so satisfying about seeing the original luster in your dull leather shoes come back to life. And like bespoke clothing, having your shoes shined is just one of those traditional and romantic things to do.

Simplify your jacket and shirt combo

It’s easy to think that when you need (or want!) to wear a sportcoat that you have to match it perfectly with everything else you’re wearing. Before you know it, you’re overthinking the whole thing. “Does this check pattern match my plaid sportcoat? Can I even wear a check shirt with this?!” When you find yourself getting stuck in the weeds like this, take a step back and simplify things.

Instead of trying to get too creative, reach for a simple white dress shirt. Make sure it’s pressed and wear it open collar by unbuttoning the top two buttons. You can rest assured that your jacket matches just fine because anything goes with a white shirt. And if the shirt is well pressed and your jacket lint free, then you’re good to go.

Remember, when in doubt, check out our gallery for some inspiration.

custom dress shirt denver

Wrap up

Boosting your style doesn’t need to be complicated, nor does it need to cost a lot. Focus on the basics and do them well to hone your new style. There’s no need to worry about having the latest look that you see in the magazines. Putting your effort into a well pressed dress shirt or hemming your pants will go a long ways.

Other resources:

There are so many great resources out there today for men who want to dress better. Want to find your new style? There really is something for everyone these days. HeSpokeStyle is a photo-centric blog by the very talented Brian Sacawa. Another great example is the blog, The Modest Man, a resource serving the shorter gentleman.

What is a men’s clothier?

When you start to think about it, you begin to realize just how many different ways there are to say “store that sells clothes for men.”  There’s men’s store, men’s clothing, men’s attire, men’s dresswear, etc. But what you don’t see very often, maybe you’ve only seen it at Bespoke Edge, is men’s clothier.

Is there a difference? Absolutely.

Yesterday, I met with one of my adopted mentors who I think really summed it up nicely. He said that a true men’s clothier will always ensure that his/her clients get exactly what they wanted. They will always go the extra mile, they will overdeliver on their client’s needs, and be right there with them during the entire process of buying clothes. Bespoke or otherwise.

A clothing salesperson, on the other hand, is there to make a sale and that’s it.

I think that this terminology is extremely important in the growing industry of custom clothing. Specifically, with bespoke suiting, where there are often second fittings and minor adjustments downstream, you will need a clothier who understands every single step of the process in and out and can guide you along the way. And you should feel confident that they won’t cut corners at your expense.

A clothier is focused first and foremost on service and the client’s experience. The product sold is a natural outcome of this effort.

From a business perspective, clothiers believe that it’s a safe bet that if your experience was excellent, your needs delivered on and then some, and you had fun throughout the process, then you’ll likely be back again.

So, whether you shop with us or someone else, be sure you ask them:

Are you a clothier?

By Ryan Wagner

Why corozo buttons are my new favorite

corozo buttons scottsdale suit

If you’ve shopped with us before, you’ll know that aside from offering an enormous collection of suit and shirt fabrics, we carry an impressive amount of buttons. Not just different colors, but different materials like metallic and rubber buttons. But there’s one particular type that I think is really quite cool: Corozo buttons.

These buttons are made from the corozo nut, or tagua nut. This is the seed of a tropical palm known scientifically as the phytelephas macrocarpas. It’s found throughout Northern South America and parts of Panama.

The fruit of this palm is huge, about a foot across. Each fruit is made up of clusters of seeds with cavities that fill with a white, ivory-like fluid that over time, will harden. Out of this hardened substance, local peoples would fashion figurines or buttons.

Modern manufacturing methods have pushed the corozo material to its limits. It can be cut, machined, heated, bleached, and polished to a finish that I think is even more impressive than ivory. Corozo buttons are also relatively scratch resistant, have a beautiful natural grain, and resist fading.

There’s a lot to like. Plus, they are completely all natural.

custom suits phoenix unique buttons

In particular, I think these buttons are a good match for many of our Scottsdale custom suit clients because the corozo palm is a nod to the warm environment. And in Denver, the natural aesthetic and unique grain of a corozo button pairs nicely for anyone wanting to build a more natural suit.

Speaking of custom suits, let’s take a step back and talk about these buttons – or any luxury button, for that matter – in the context of a shirt or suit. Any sort of high-end button is going to add some subtle style to your outfit. I say subtle, because after all, they are just buttons. They won’t be noticed much until someone gets close enough to see them.

custom suits scottsdale unique corozo buttons

However, you’ll certainly notice them because of the way that they feel. It’s difficult to describe, you really just need to see them in person.

I think that the real beauty in these buttons is that the corozo option is yet another way to build a suit with a nod to luxury craftsmanship. To wear something that tells a story. When done properly, a bespoke suit is a work of art. Paying careful attention to the suit’s details makes for a well-rounded garment.

By Ryan Wagner

corozo buttons

Images courtesy of Corozo Buttons.

BE Press: Denver Post Business Q&A – The Bespoke Edge Denver

Originally posted in the Denver Post.

Read more: Business Q&A: The Bespoke Edge, Denver – The Denver Post

Ron Wagner, left, of The Bespoke Edge, takes measurements of Vince Edgerton at Goorin Bros. Hat Shop in Denver on April 29. (Seth McConnell, YourHub)

Interview with Ron Wagner, founder

Q: How did you get involved in this business?

A: I spent the better part of my career in a traditional men’s shop with off-the-rack clothing. But in the past five years or so, men have really been shopping differently. There is a clear trend toward men wearing custom shirts and bespoke suits, and guys want to have more control over the fit and style of their clothes than ever before. So, my two sons and I decided to adapt and better serve how the modern man is shopping.

Q: What distinguishes you from other businesses in your category?

The Bespoke Edge, a custom men’s clothing business, will make house calls for custom fittings. (THE DENVER POST | Seth McConnell)

A: My experience. I’ve been helping men look great in their clothes for 37 years now, and what has kept my interest all these years is that I’m always working with a diverse group of men. We have younger Denver guys in their 20s and 30s who are looking for an affordable, slim suit and want to design a dress shirt with a unique contrast collar. On the other hand, I have seasoned customers who are looking for a very distinguished suit made of the finest fabrics available — something to match their confidence and style. Regardless, when my customers put their trust in me, I can act as a mentor to help guide them. That’s what I’ve learned: What men are really looking for today, is that they want someone to introduce them to custom clothes and show them the ropes. It’s really been fun to show guys that custom is now moving into the mainstream.

Q: What do you like best about your line of work?

A: The grin. Really, it’s a big smile, but it begins as a grin. That’s when a new customer puts on his custom shirt or bespoke suit for the very first time and realizes that fit is the single most important thing in menswear. Knowing this, guys can make educated decisions, whether they shop with me or someone else in the future, they’re going to be OK.

Q: What is your business’ biggest challenge?

A: Since we don’t have a physical store, we operate by appointment in a customer’s home or office. We’re set up this way because it’s the best way we can respect our customers’ time and make the Bespoke Edge process convenient for them. However, it does present a challenge because without a storefront, it’s tough for men to find us. But when they do learn of our services, we’ve had several people tell us how happy they are to have finally found someone who can guide them in their search for clothes.

Q: Something people might be surprised to learn about you or your business:

A: We are a family business. My older son, Ryan, is formerly trained as an aerospace engineer and my younger, Brett, is a web designer. As you may imagine, we have three very different opinions on men’s style, but this has really given us a unique perspective on our business. I think this is why we are so well-prepared to serve such a range of customers. Also, men are always surprised to learn that yes, they can design their clothes. Guys don’t really realize that our affordable custom clothing is just that: custom.


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