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Spring style trends for men — 2017

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Spring is on the way, gentlemen. And in recent weeks it has certainly felt like it has already arrived here in the mile high city. Brett was recently in Scottsdale where the mercury is already approaching 90 degrees! Suffice it to say, it’s time we started thinking seriously about spring style. Here’s what we’re predicting will be key spring style trends for men in 2017:

V-neck sweaters

As we transition into the warmer weather, the venerable V-neck, in a nicely breathable merino wool, should be your go-to. However, the key difference between this year’s V-neck sweaters and those of past years, is that the V-shape is getting deeper. That means a sharper angle and a more masculine look.

Whether you wear a T-shirt under it is your call.

More colorful suits

While a good charcoal or navy suit will always be in style, this year we’re starting to see more patterns and color in our suiting. Pick something in a thoughtful shade of green or purple to start. A plaid pattern is a great way to ease your way into things. Pair a suit like this with a solid dress shirt and you just created your Spring/Summer 2017 uniform!

Double breasted jackets

Yes, double breasted suit jackets are coming back! We’ve kept a close eye on them over the past couple years — a couple here, a couple there — but they’re definitely on the rebound. Just promise us that you’ll always remember to button your jacket while standing (sigh).

Shorter beards and longer hair

That’s right, our grooming is headed in different directions. A shorter beard and/or 5:00 o’clock shadow will lead the pack this year while longer and more wavy hair will push up against the close-cropped and shaved hipster styles that have been popular in years past.

Spring style trends for men

There you have it. Our succinct prediction for 2017. Did I miss anything? Anything you want to add? Let us know today!

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Thanks for reading!

Trend report: The new suit culture

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“I didn’t sell a single suit all last week.”

That’s what I overhead at a department store last month from the menswear salesman. Apparently, no one bought a new suit that week.

Just reading that quote, you’re probably thinking one of two things:

  1. Can that be true? Can a big department store with luxury items really not move a single men’s suit in a week?
  2. And what was Ryan doing there in the first place?!

In reference to the first item, I can’t say for sure. Two salespeople were gossiping and I happened to hear the banter. So take that quote with a grain of salt.

And in reference to what I was doing there, well, I happen to have a need to buy underpants from time to time, just like any other guy.

Regardless of the accuracy of this quote, the takeaway is that business wasn’t good on the men’s side for this popular department store.

So then, where are guys buying suits these days? How has suit culture changed in recent years?

And don’t tell me that nobody wears suits anymore, because lots of men still do.

In the years since BE has been in business, we have seen many competitors come and go. Some local, but many national. Some bootstrapped, some VC-funded. I think that the simple existence of so many businesses geared towards offering custom suits is strong evidence for the growing market and the trend.

The simple truth is that men are shopping differently. They don’t want to go to a store.

They want to buy clothes that have a story behind them.

Now, I know what you’re saying, “Of course Ryan would write about this, it’s his business!” And that’s completely true, custom suiting is my business and I have a bias on this subject. However, I encourage you to take a look around and perform an informal survey.

Ask your friends and colleagues where they purchased their suit or shirt. Was it from one of the big national brands? An online provider? Local place?

Regardless of their answer, follow up by asking where they will purchase their next suit or shirt.

I think you’ll begin to paint a picture similar to what I’ve written above and see that there really is a change in our suit culture.

Wrap up

As department stores become more and more quiet in the men’s section, where will you shop? Are you ready to work one-on-one with an expert and build a sartorial relationship? Obviously, we’d be honored if it was with us, but above all else, we want you to look your best. Find someone you trust, choose fabrics based on your instinct, and have fun.

By Ryan Wagner

Thoughts? Did I hit the nail on the head? What’s the suit culture like in your community, or better yet, how have you seen it change over the past 5 – 10 years? Sound off in the comment s below.

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BE 2015 year in review

how to dress for your new year's eve party

Welcome to 2016! Another year down and another year of opportunity, challenges, and success ahead, right? I think it’s good practice to take some time to reflect on the past year. What worked? What didn’t? What baggage are you carrying into 2016? From BE’s perspective, a lot happened in 2015. We have been hard at work building our reputation as the leading provider of Denver custom suits, and in surrounding areas.

In our first blog post of 2016, we are taking a look back. Here’s what happened over the past year, and a little bit about what we have planned for 2016.

Brett was married

On October 3rd, Brett was hitched to his wife, Carolyn! The wedding took place at a Durango camp where both Brett and Carolyn once worked as camp counselors. The wedding went smoothly and everyone had a great time. And in case you were wondering, the BE suits looked great :).



Ryan’s Colorado style project

Over the summer, I started an ambitious project. I wanted to discover what men’s style means for guys in Colorado. After all, there’s this perception that all we wear out here are flannels and buffalo check patterns with our jeans. So, what I did was reach out to a handful of creatives in the Denver and Fort Collins area – people that were doing innovative work – to have them design a custom dress shirt. The idea being, was that their unique background and influence, would trickle down into the shirt.

If you want to revisit my interviews and featured posts, you can find them here:

Part I, Where Wood Meets Steel

Part II, Valentich Bags

Part III, Bryan Dayton of Acorn Restaurant




Brett’s work shirts

Brett has continued to develop his own personal style. And this year it is becoming clear that he has an affinity for what he calls his “work shirts,” shirts that he will wear day in and day out.

Want to see some of Brett’s other favorites? Visit our online store.


Bespoke workshirt


Top reads from the blog

Our most popular blog posts – since we began writing – have continued to be ones with the most practical information:

Notched lapel versus peaked lapels – When should you wear one over the other? What’s the difference? Learn everything to wanted to know on the topic of suit lapels with this piece.

What’s pick stitching? – A nuance of fine bespoke clothing, pick sticking is an easy way to set yourself apart from the crowd.

When to wear a pocket square – The short answer? Anytime you have a chest pocket! But you should read the full post anyway.

The Americano cocktail – a unique summer drink – This one was our most popular read on cocktails this year. The drink can be a bit of an acquired taste, but it’s a great one!

And for 2016…

We want to remind you that we will continue to offer the very best in bespoke menswear in Colorado. If you’re searching for the best fitting Denver custom suits available, you found them right here at BE.

Also, be sure to check out the Spring issue of MyWedding – Brett and Carolyn may or may not be inside the magazine ;).

By Ryan Wagner

What essentials do men need to build a wardrobe?

What essentials do men need to build a wardrobe? After all, you need to start somewhere, right?

Well, there are certainly many ways to answer this question! Essential pieces of clothing can mean different things to different people and will vary depending on one’s personal style, age, influences, etc.

But if you’ll allow me to take a stab at it, here are the essentials men need to build a wardrobe:

1. A great fitting blazer
2. Dark jeans
3. (3) versatile dress shirts
4. (1) great pair of shoes


1. A great fitting blazer

To begin building a foundation, a blazer is going to be more economical than buying a full suit. However, if you can afford to take the plunge and buy a fitted suit, then by all means go for it, but a blazer is a great first step.

Unless you work in a very formal office, a dark blazer with the right pants will probably get the job done. And when paired with a nice pair of dark jeans (see #2 below) you’ll be prepared for date night – grab a pocket square for extra style points.

2. Dark jeans

Everyone has their favorite brand of jeans and you probably already have a great looking pair of jeans in the closet. Just make sure that your nice jeans are not riddled with holes or light blue in color. A darker blue is dressier and should be your go-to choice when the sun goes down.

3. (3) versatile dress shirts

I would suggest that three shirts are really all you need to start building a foundation.

The following fabrics are some of the most versatile – you can dress them up or down – dinners out, formal occasions, work, pleasure, and everything in between. These three shirts will provide you a solid foundation from which to build.

White – but with some panache!
Face it, you need a white shirt. Whether it’s for an interview where you want something relatively conservative or if you plan to wear a dark suit to a formal occasion, white is the obvious choice. But that doesn’t mean it needs to be boring. For instance, pick one with a textured look or some sort of subdued pattern to set you apart from the crowd.


Just about any tie will work with a white shirt. And any suit for that matter. One of the best combos with a white shirt is this: A dark blazer, dark jeans, white shirt and white pocket square. Just like that, you’re instantly dressed up and ready for anything.

Blue – The most friendly of all fabrics
Believe it or not, studies have shown that wearing blue is often the best choice because it conveys trust and calmness and helps people to perceive you as reliable. Plus, blue is downright friendly. Why do you think so many companies use blue in their logos?

Blue is also very versatile with a myriad of neckties and suits. Although it can be a strong background when choosing ties, you’ll still have many options available.

Striped – When you want to show a little style
Pick your favorite color and make it a striped shirt. Simple as that. In some ways, a striped shirt is pure business. It’ll look great with your bespoke suits and carry you through any meeting or business lunch under the sun. However, loosen the collar and throw on those dark jeans and it’ll have a whole new look. Suddenly, you’re ready to go out and won’t feel overdressed at happy hour.


If you’re only in the market for one striped shirt, then go with a lighter background and a less bold stripe. Imagine you drew on the stripes using a pen or pencil, not a marker. This will keep the shirt more casual so that you can still wear the shirt outside the office.

4. (1) great pair of shoes

I know what you’re thinking…’just one pair of shoes!?’ If you’re looking to build a foundation you have to start somewhere :).

Stick with a lace-up so that you can dress them up when you need to and invest in a quality manufacturer. Brown? Black? I’d say it’s up to your personal preference and what you think you’ll wear most often. Black shoes are easy to match, but brown (when matched well) will set you apart from the crowd.


Wrap up:

Keep in mind that the above recommendations are what I consider to be a starting point for a versatile wardrobe. Some guys will definitely need a suit or at least a nice pair of wool pants for the office environment. But hopefully this gets your creativity spun up and you can make any necessary substitutions.

Building a wardrobe foundation doesn’t need to be as expensive or complex as you may think.

By Ryan Wagner