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BE Press: Denver Post Business Q&A – The Bespoke Edge Denver

Originally posted in the Denver Post.

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Ron Wagner, left, of The Bespoke Edge, takes measurements of Vince Edgerton at Goorin Bros. Hat Shop in Denver on April 29. (Seth McConnell, YourHub)

Interview with Ron Wagner, founder

Q: How did you get involved in this business?

A: I spent the better part of my career in a traditional men’s shop with off-the-rack clothing. But in the past five years or so, men have really been shopping differently. There is a clear trend toward men wearing custom shirts and bespoke suits, and guys want to have more control over the fit and style of their clothes than ever before. So, my two sons and I decided to adapt and better serve how the modern man is shopping.

Q: What distinguishes you from other businesses in your category?

The Bespoke Edge, a custom men’s clothing business, will make house calls for custom fittings. (THE DENVER POST | Seth McConnell)

A: My experience. I’ve been helping men look great in their clothes for 37 years now, and what has kept my interest all these years is that I’m always working with a diverse group of men. We have younger Denver guys in their 20s and 30s who are looking for an affordable, slim suit and want to design a dress shirt with a unique contrast collar. On the other hand, I have seasoned customers who are looking for a very distinguished suit made of the finest fabrics available — something to match their confidence and style. Regardless, when my customers put their trust in me, I can act as a mentor to help guide them. That’s what I’ve learned: What men are really looking for today, is that they want someone to introduce them to custom clothes and show them the ropes. It’s really been fun to show guys that custom is now moving into the mainstream.

Q: What do you like best about your line of work?

A: The grin. Really, it’s a big smile, but it begins as a grin. That’s when a new customer puts on his custom shirt or bespoke suit for the very first time and realizes that fit is the single most important thing in menswear. Knowing this, guys can make educated decisions, whether they shop with me or someone else in the future, they’re going to be OK.

Q: What is your business’ biggest challenge?

A: Since we don’t have a physical store, we operate by appointment in a customer’s home or office. We’re set up this way because it’s the best way we can respect our customers’ time and make the Bespoke Edge process convenient for them. However, it does present a challenge because without a storefront, it’s tough for men to find us. But when they do learn of our services, we’ve had several people tell us how happy they are to have finally found someone who can guide them in their search for clothes.

Q: Something people might be surprised to learn about you or your business:

A: We are a family business. My older son, Ryan, is formerly trained as an aerospace engineer and my younger, Brett, is a web designer. As you may imagine, we have three very different opinions on men’s style, but this has really given us a unique perspective on our business. I think this is why we are so well-prepared to serve such a range of customers. Also, men are always surprised to learn that yes, they can design their clothes. Guys don’t really realize that our affordable custom clothing is just that: custom.


Business: The Bespoke Edge

Address: Your home or office

Hours: By appointment

Founded: 2012

Contact: 970-231-4588

Employees: 3

17 easy style tips for men

As many of you know, here at The Bespoke Edge, we are in the business of educating men on how to dress better. Because like it or not, we all make judgments on how people present themselves. Fortunately, dressing well can be the easy part.

So, the BE brain trust got together over some beers and put together the following list of 17 easy style tips to help you look your best.

1. If you have a slim suit then you don’t need a break in your trousers. A break at the pant is just that, a break. And the nice clean look of a slim cut suit demands a nice clean finish.

2. Everyone needs a fun tie. We’re thinking dinosaurs.

3. French cuffs are your friend, not your enemy. And yes, you can still roll up the sleeves, just be sure to pocket those nice cufflinks of yours.

4. Do your pants fit? You should be able to slide two fingers inside the waistband. Anymore and your pants are too loose.

5. Own one black tie.

6. Buy one really nice cardigan. Preferably dark blue or black. You won’t regret it.

7. Have at least one pair of bold socks.

8. Vests are cool now (were they ever not?!). You need one in your closet.

9. Wear your tie nice and neat until 3:00 pm, then loosen at the collar and roll those sleeves up.

10. Match the width of the widest portion of your neck tie to your lapel on your suit jacket.

11. If you’re shopping for a second suit, go with a shark skin fabric. This will become your perfect daytime suit.

12. Are you a grandpa? No? Then stop wearing pleats!

13. Your pocket square should refer to your tie/shirt – not match it exactly.

14. Bow ties aren’t just for little boys and grooms – it’s time to give them an honest try.

15. Never button your bottom button on your suit or vest.

16. Is it date night? Throw on a dark blazer. You’ll thank us later.

17. Whatever you do, don’t wear suspenders with your belt!

What other tips can you think of? Do these tips apply to those of us in Denver? Sound off on Facebook.

By Ryan Wagner

The Bespoke Edge Signature Suit


Many guys choose to have a bespoke suit made for them because they want that perfect fit. Tailored specifically to their body type, a bespoke suit is truly one of a kind. But one of the great things about choosing to go custom is having control over the details. Working button holes on the cuffs, custom linings, accent button holes, the list goes on and on. Naturally, we at The Bespoke Edge have had a little fun with our own suits and have decided to inaugurate a new suit. We’ve taken our favorite details and married them to an avant-garde suit style that will be sure to turn heads in the Denver area.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You choose the fit. Relaxed or tapered (or really slim!), the features outlined below will work for everyone.
  2. The fabric is also entirely up to your choosing.
  3. Construction can be full canvas, fused, whatever you like.

What follows below is really just us doing what we do best – designing for you a great looking suit.

Gentlemen, presenting the affectionately named Bespoke Edge Signature Suit:

  • Two button

A two button suit is your best bet these days. Specifically, we recommend a low two button cut. This features a higher arm hole and slightly lowered button stance. This will create a more flattering V-shape in the torso. And don’t button the bottom button!

  • Flat Front Pants

Remember when pleats were all the rage? I do. I also remember using my Walkman at about the same time. Today things are different. Pleats are out and flat front trousers are in. You’re not a grandpa yet, so save the pleats for down the road. Basically, the reasons pleats have gone the way of the dinosaur is that suits have slimmed down in the past ten years or so. With a slim suit comes neat and clean lines.

  • Vents

Here, we get a little opinionated. There are basically two choices on vents – single or side vents. Some will argue the very sharp look of double vents (one vent on either side of the suit jacket) and the British heritage, whereas a single vent down the middle is more Italian-leaning. Despite a heated internal debate here at BE, we’ve settled on the single vent for our signature suit.

  • Cuffs

If you follow us on Facebook you probably saw this coming a mile away – working button holes! Surgeon cuffs, as they were originally named, arose because doctors would routinely roll up their sleeves (yes, they wore suits to work) prior to surgery. Off-the-rack suits almost never have working button holes. This is because if you had to change the sleeve length, you’re out of luck. With bespoke, on the other hand, that’s not a problem. Therefore, it’s only appropriate that we feature working button holes on this suit. And three, not four. Why? Well, when was the last time you saw a suit with 3 buttons on the sleeve?

Working button holes

Never owned a suit with working buttons on the cuff? There is a certain luxury that comes with leaving the last button undone. Also, what a perfect place for an accented thread color on the button hole stitching – bright red perhaps?

  • Lapel

In a prior blog, I discussed the pros and cons of each lapel type – notched versus peaked. I argued that when shopping for your first suit, always go with a notched lapel versus peaked, purely because of the versatility afforded with this design.

Notched Lapel

  • Lining

When you shop for an off-the-rack suit you are stuck with whatever boring and completely uninteresting lining comes with the suit. Sure, you could find a skilled tailor to replace the lining, but the cost will be very high. It is far easier to have suit built for you and pick out a lining at the beginning. Here’s the lining we like:

Red lining

A little flash of color that is subtle enough for your Fort Collins office yet hints in the other direction when you go out for a drink.

The paisley pattern is very sophisticated and may sometimes be construed as formal, but the red hue carries a modern look.

Wrap up

And there you have it. We have picked out our favorite details that will take your suit to the next level. All you need now is a custom dress shirt to match!

Whether your office is in Fort Collins, Denver, Boulder or somewhere in between, you’ll be leveraging the most bang for your buck and have a stylish suit that is not only modern, but truly bespoke.

By Ryan Wagner