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5280’s Top of the Town voting

So, it’s that time of year again. 5280 Magazine is rolling out their annual Top of the Town voting today. Results of the balloting are published in the June issue and consistently reflect the best that Denver has to offer in a range of categories.

You shouldn’t have any problem voting for the best menswear boutique, right? :). How about the other categories?

I wanted to write a quick blog post and offer up some recommendations for a handful of genres. I’ve personally worked with each of these businesses and they are run by some really amazing people who are super passionate about what they do. More importantly, they uphold the highest level of quality and attention to service. The latter I think is worth emphasizing, because in an increasingly digital world, good customer service can seem difficult to come by.

But these are just my recommendations. The important thing is to vote for the company or individual that you think has earned a spot on the list!

Top of the Town voting!

Here’s the link to vote!

A note on how to vote: The reader voting (that’s you, as opposed to the editor voting) is a write-in format. That means that you’d type in something like, oh say, Bespoke Edge, for the Local Men’s Boutique category. You certainly don’t need to fill in all of the line items, just scroll through and pick your favorites!


I’ve been a loyal patron of Al’s Barbershop for something like 5 or 6 years now. In the beginning, I was frequenting the Denver barbershop in Larimer Square. When I moved to Boulder a couple years back I would go to the Boulder shop. And now that I’m back in Denver, well, you guessed it.

Simply put, Al’s a master at cutting men’s hair.

Something you probably wouldn’t know if you didn’t ask, is that Al cuts hair for a handful of models at national fashion shows. He is even a recognized speaker at industry conferences. And to have him cut your hair and listen to him explain his approach and watch what he does, you’ll soon understand that Al and his highly skilled team are the very best at what they do.

Local Jewelry Designer

I met Abby Sparks a couple years back, because well, most of us custom folks end up gravitating towards one another sooner or later!

And when Brett got engaged I decided that he deserved a pair of custom cufflinks to go with his custom suits. That’s when I had an opportunity to work one-on-one with Abby. I thought it was interesting at how similar her process is to ours, in that you can literally control every aspect of what you’re building. For us, it’s custom suits, and for her, custom jewelry.

Abby is an incredibly talented and personable woman. She has a knack for taking sketches and turning them into amazing pieces of jewelry.

I’d recommend taking a peek at our article on Brett’s custom cufflinks. It has a lot of great photos of some of her rings too.

Website: Abby Sparks Jewelry

custom cuff links abby sparks designs and 5280 top of the town

Wedding Gowns

For years now, Ron and I have known Little White Dress Bridal Shop owner Cate Malone and her daughter and business partner, Kelly Hinde. They are really wonderful people who consistently find the best in designer gowns and bring them to the mile high city.

Recommended reading: 5 style tips for grooms, an interview with Kelly Hinde


Denver based HIM Clothing has been making some impressive menswear accessories for a while now. Several years ago I stumbled across the brand and met with cofounder, Hugh Hartigan. Now, there are a handful of people making ties in Colorado today and I’m no stranger to vintage and cotton neck wear. When I first had the chance to inspect one of HIM Clothing’s ties, the first thing I did was flip it over and look at the construction. It immediately became clear that this company knows how to make ties. They’d be a great pick for the Top of the Town accessories category.

Read the BE Featured Company blog post on HIM Clothing here.

HIM Clothing and the 5280 top of the town voting

5 Style Tips for Grooms

Recently, I caught up with Kelly Hinde of the Little White Dress Bridal Shop and asked her if she was interested in helping me out with a blog post. In the context of Kelly’s world, I was interested in learning more about the style flaws that grooms make on their big day.

Fortunately, she was willing to share some of her insight. And after reading her responses below, it became clear that these tips aren’t just for grooms. In fact, with only minor changes to the content, I could see the headline of this blog being 5 style tips for men.

So, here you are, courtesy of Kelly Hinde of the Little White Dress Bridal Shop, 5 style tips for grooms that will help make your wedding day the best it can be.

1. Whatever you wear, make sure it fits well.

[Kelly] If you follow any advice about what you wear on your wedding day, it should be this: A groom can wear an expensive luxury suit, but if it doesn’t fit properly it just won’t look good, period. You want people to see you on your wedding day, not you in a suit that doesn’t fit well. Because trust me, if it doesn’t fit well, it’s very noticeable and distracting in person and in photos.

2. Splurge, just a little.

[Kelly] Almost all brides and grooms have to stick to a wedding budget, but what you wear on your wedding day is an area where it’s worth it to splurge, even if it’s just a little bit. Your bride is most likely spending more on her dress than she has for anything else she has ever worn, and even if style doesn’t matter as much to you, a very special day calls for special clothing. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a tux or anything too fancy, but spending at least a bit more effort on your wedding day attire than you do on a day-to-day basis is part of what makes your wedding special for you as well as for your future wife. (In other words, please no jeans! Just please.)

3. Accessorize with care.

[Kelly] I’m all for colorful socks and cuff links that show off your personality, but does your tie need to be in your favorite hockey team’s colors? No, it does not. Because you’re probably not having a hockey-themed wedding. (I may have made this exact point with my husband as he was about to order an orange Flyers tie. We compromised – I gifted him cuff links made from Flyers game-used pucks, and he bought a very classy navy blue tie.) Similarly – this is for brides too – the groom’s tie / pocket square / socks / cuff links does not need to match the exact shade of coral that you have so carefully picked out as your primary wedding color. Classic accessories with small touches of color and personality are stylish, timeless, and handsome on grooms.

4. Take charge of what you wear on your wedding day.

[Kelly] What do you want to wear as you get married? Your future wife may point you in the direction of what she pictures you wearing and what will work with the level of formality with your wedding and with the setting, but what you wear should be your own decision in the end. And while the spotlight may be mostly on your wife on your wedding day, it’s your wedding too and what you wear shouldn’t be an afterthought. Months before I chose my wedding dress, my husband told me out of the blue that he wanted to wear a navy suit – very out of character, as he is not usually one to think much about clothes. I thought, “Great! One less thing I have to figure out!” That being said, if your future wife has always dreamed of a black tie wedding but you’re more of a jeans and t-shirt guy… consider it your first act of love as a husband that you will be wearing a tux!

5. Be confident.

[Kelly] Stand up straight, smile, and be confident: you’re marrying the love of your life! The best way to look your best on your wedding day is to let your happiness show.

By Ryan Wagner, Bespoke Edge and Kelly Hinde of the Little White Dress Bridal Shop

Featured image: Ash Imagery

Featured company: Little White Dress Bridal Shop

At The Bespoke Edge our goal has always been to help guys look their best. So it’s a very special privilege when we are given the opportunity to build a custom suit for a groom. It means that a guy really trusts BE to deliver an amazing product.

This got us thinking. What about the brides? If grooms are out looking for an awesome 3-piece suit then the ladies are undoubtedly searching high and low for just the right bridal shop, right? With the 2014 wedding season approaching, we thought we’d start the year off by interviewing the wonderful ladies over at Denver’s finest bridal shop – the ultra-friendly and ever fashionable, Little White Dress Bridal Shop. They are located in historic Highlands Square just north of downtown. All the best things in Denver seem to be popping up in this neighborhood and the LWD bridal shop is certainly worthy of its address.

The shop has earned a long list of awards since their doors first opened in addition to enviable reviews on Google. When you get to know owner Cate Malone and her daughter Kelly you come to understand why so many people think so highly of their business.

Bottom line: The Little White Dress Bridal Shop is an awesome resource for any newly engaged couple and certainly worth a visit. It is for their commitment to customer satisfaction that BE is proud to feature the shop for the month of January.

Kelly took time out of her busy schedule to tell us a little about the shop:

[Bespoke Edge] Kelly, thanks for taking the time to tell us about The Little White Dress Bridal Shop. Let’s begin with an obvious question: How did you and your mother get into the business in the first place?

[Kelly] I certainly cannot take any credit for starting the business, as it was entirely my mother who built Little White Dress out of her lifelong passion for weddings and bridal fashion. When she was planning her own wedding in 2006 she realized that Colorado was lacking a bridal shop with high quality designer gowns and with excellent service. After years of research, learning about the bridal industry, and all the work that goes into starting a business, she left her job in the corporate world and opened Little White Dress Bridal Shop in Castle Rock in 2008. In 2011 she decided to move the shop to the Highlands area of Denver. As her only daughter, I have always been an unofficial “adviser”, giving my opinion and helping her with some decisions for the business, and in 2013 I officially joined the business as Director of Marketing.

What is the most rewarding part about helping brides select their wedding dress?

Being a part of such a special time in a woman’s life and helping contribute to her happiness is always the most rewarding part. When brides choose their wedding dress it is often the first time they truly feel like a bride, and the dress is such an important ritual and symbol for so many women on their wedding day. We love seeing the look, the body language, and the reaction of every bride when she tries on THE dress!

Little White Dress Bridal Shop_© 
We have noticed a trend of men wearing a grey vested suit on their wedding day. From your perspective, what are the wedding fashion trends for both men and women?

For both men and women we see a true expression of individualism for their wedding day fashion. Most brides and grooms don’t want to veer too far from tradition, but special details like a unique sleeve or neckline, or the hair accessory, for example, can transform a dress into a wedding day look that represents her and no one else. For men we have noticed a similar attention to detail, from quirky cufflinks to the color or pattern of the tie, which can turn a more traditional suit into an individualized look.

The LWDB shop has had great success since first opening in 2008. What do you think is the one attribute above the rest that has provided LWDB the reputation as being one of the finest bridal shops in Denver?

The most important factor that has contributed to our success is that we always prioritize our brides above everything else. That holds true in everything we do, from the way a bride is greeted when she calls for an appointment, to the follow up after she purchases her gown, and even our location. After a few years in Castle Rock we knew that it would be much easier and more accessible for brides if we were located in Denver. So we moved the shop to Denver, and our success has grown so much, in many ways because of that decision.

Thoughts on the future? A second location perhaps?

For now we are so happy (and busy!) with our one location in the Highlands. Our aims at this point are to continue to be the leader in bridal fashion and service in Colorado and the region, and to be successful with the new designers we are bringing to Colorado in 2014 and beyond. The bridal fashion world is constantly changing and we are constantly evolving with it, while maintaining the high standard of the experience that brides have come to expect from Little White Dress Bridal Shop.