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See what people are saying about The Bespoke Edge

Below you’ll find some testimonials for The Bespoke Edge. See what people are saying about The Bespoke Edge.

We are so pleased to have such great customers and it is our pleasure to help guys look their best!


I am so glad that you have decided to continue in the fine clothing business in Fort Collins with your new firm, The Bespoke Edge. It is refreshing to be able to order tailored shirts at competitive prices from someone with your skills and attention to detail. The shirts are made from excellent cloth and tailored for a comfortable and perfect fit. The choice of patterns is amazing and the turnaround time from fitting to delivery is very fast. I am looking forward to ordering more clothes, such as pants, sport coats, and suits as you add them to your services. Frankly, I could not be more pleased.

– Michael P.

Finally!! – shirts I design to my taste and style, tailored to fit my body the way I want my shirt to fit and feel, in the quality of fabric, color, texture and pattern that expresses my individuality!  Ron and his staff are tremendously experienced, talented and knowledgeable – real cutting edge.  Most importantly, they are energetic about making the entire process enjoyable – dare I say fun!!  What more could I ask for?

– Dave D.

Amazing! I purchased a shirt and a suit and after wearing both I don’t think I can go back to wearing ‘normal’ clothes. The fit and fabric are incredible and the service is excellent. Meeting in person with Ron is a great experience, he really takes care of you. I will be a lifelong customer of The Bespoke Edge.

– Charles H.

How to tie a tie guide

Don’t know how to tie a necktie? Fear not, we are here to help. Use these simple instructions as a guide to tie your neckties. The necktie has become a strong focal point in today’s business wardrobes. Neck wear is often the first item of an outfit that others notice and that initial impression is always key!

So print this guide off, bookmark it, save it to your local drive, just be sure to have it handy and you’ll always know how to tie a tie.