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Scottsdale style: The T-shirt and sportcoat combo

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The T-shirt and sportcoat pairing is one of those sartorial risks that few take and even fewer can pull off. And that’s too bad because it can really be a cool look.

From my personal experience, it’s clear that a lot of men feel that the T-shirt combo is a “young man’s game.” While most of these “young men” think that it’s too fashion forward for them. Indeed, I’d agree that it’s a relatively high-style look, but only when done properly. And doing it properly is very important.

So, with this blog post, I want to take a close look at Brett’s outfit in the above picture and explain his styling.

But first, let’s explain the background. Brett was on a recent business trip to Scottsdale. If you’ve been following us on social media you’ll know that we are in the midst of expanding our business into the Scottsdale area. Although the temperature is starting to cool down in Denver, it’s still very warm in Scottsdale. This was the driving factor behind Brett reaching for a T-shirt that day.

Now, wearing short sleeves under a jacket is a great way to stay cool when the temperature rises. There’s no need to frown upon it as a style no-no, so long as it really is a warm day. Long sleeves will have a tendency to trap heat around your arms, even when you unbutton the cuffs. This is why when it gets really warm, you may want to consider ditching the sleeves altogether. If we were to go a step farther, we could apply this thinking to the neckline because a typical cotton shirt collar will also have a tendency to trap heat. However, I admit that this may have a rather trivial impact for most men. Nevertheless, removing that extra fabric from your shirt by wearing a T-shirt instead is one more thing you can do to help stay cool.

Let’s talk about the T-shirt.

Brett is wearing a black striped white shirt. The white background is appropriate for a daytime appointment and the monochromatic nature of the shirt is classically stylish.

And the jacket?

Believe it or not, Brett’s really proving the versatility of his wardrobe here. This jacket is one of BE’s finest fabrics and has carried Brett through some elegant events. It’s a wool fabric, which you may be thinking would be too warm for Scottsdale, but as one of our better fabrics, it’s actually very breathable. The herringbone pattern is both textural and dressy. The blue lapel button hole is a nod to his pants.

scottsdale mens clothing herringbone jacket

The pants are dark in color and provide lengthening to the overall look. Anchored by the neutral hue of his sportcoat, our attention is directed to his shirt. Like all suit jackets, the V-shape of the lapels direct our eye up to the face.

Finally, the casual cotton pocket square is a floral pattern that nicely refers to his shirt and the warm weather.

scottsdale mens clothing pocket square

And of course, all of his clothes fit they way that they should.

Wrap up

The T-shirt and sportcoat look may be tough to pull off, but don’t let that stop you from trying. Keep your T-shirt simple. Nothing too distracting. Nothing with logos or anything that’s too bright.

As for the jacket, keep the tones lighter during the day and darker at night.

And remember, just because no one else is doing it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t or couldn’t. If anything, it’s an opportunity for this Scottsdale style to set you apart from the pack.

By Ryan Wagner

scottsdale style mens custom clothing

How to build the perfect Scottsdale wedding suit

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At Bespoke Edge, it’s safe to say that we know our way around a wedding suit. And although the warm months of summer may be winding down here in the Denver area, our Arizona clients still have several months left of hot weather. Consequently, a lot of folks have been asking us how to build a wedding suit for a Scottsdale wedding.

I want to focus on the Phoenix and Scottsdale area because as we all know, when Phoenicians dress up, they do it very well.

So, with this post, I want to spend some time talking about how to build out the perfect wedding suit to wear in the desert. In my opinion, the perfect Scottsdale wedding suit is one that is both elegant, but cool and ventilated. It’s a fine line to walk, but let me show you how you do it.


I’m going to suggest two options: wool or a wool/cashmere blend.

Now, right off the bat, you may be asking, “buy why not cotton or linen, aren’t those your typical choices for a summer sportcoat or suit?” Indeed, cotton or linen can be great summer picks for a jacket. I love the look of a slightly wrinkled linen suit, but here’s the thing, these fabrics are inherently casual. Their texture just isn’t going to be sophisticated enough for a wedding.

Even if you’re planning a casual barnyard-chic event, I still feel that a frumpy-looking cotton or linen suit won’t be dressed up enough.

That being said, let’s take a close look at my two picks.

First up, wool.

Wool is your go-to suit material. But there is wool and then there is wool. The latter can be very breathable (i.e. help keep you cool) and sophisticated at the same time. Furthermore, the right wool will have a very clean and crisp look.

scottsdale wedding

The other fabric pick that I feel is a strong candidate is a wool and cashmere blend. As you probably know, cashmere is a very luxurious and soft yarn. But you probably have a predisposition that it is strictly for keeping warm in cold weather.

Not so.

Trust me when I say that there are some amazing cashmere fabrics that appear to be as thin as linen with a breathability factor that rivals the more traditional fabrics. The reason I suggest a blend with wool is to give the finished fabric a little bit of an elegant sheen and to help with creating a real nice drape.


When it comes to construction, you have a choice to make.

If you want to keep your suit as breathable as possible, then you’ll want what’s called an “unconstructed” jacket. What this means is that the canvas that usually covers much of a suit is now gone. Therefore, you’re going to stay a lot cooler since there is one less layer involved.

However, this doesn’t mean that the shoulder is completely unpadded. There will still be padding there, but it will be noticeably thinner than what you may be used to wearing. Again, this reduction in material will help to keep you cool.

Taking this unstructured route is your best bet if you tend to get warm easily in your clothes, or if you expect to be out in the sun for any amount of time.

Alternatively, you can go the more traditional route and build your Scottsdale wedding suit with a full canvas. Sartorially speaking, this is the way to go. And this is what a bespoke suit is all about. Integrating an authentic horse hair canvas into your suit will make for an impressive drape, as well as a suit that will last for many years to come.

By the way, here’s a refresher on full canvas versus fused construction if you’d like to learn more.

Bottom line: If staying cool is a priority, then go unstructured. Otherwise, consider a full canvas construction for an amazing looking suit.

Special considerations

If your Scottsdale wedding is poised to be outside for any length of time, you’ll want to do everything you can to stay cool for photos and/or the ceremony. And one more special consideration is the jacket lining.

Sure, you could do away with it entirely, but I think that would be a mistake. In my opinion, nothing makes a jacket look more casual than having no lining whatsoever. However, a lining is rarely made of a very breathable fabric.

Instead, I think you should consider what’s called a “1/8 lining” or “butterfly” lining. This means that the lining is only around the upper back and around the arm hole. This way, that nice wool/cashmere fabric you fell in love with will have a little protection from sweat and it will also facilitate the jacket’s breathability factor.


And here are some of our available suit linings to get your creative juices flowing.

scottsdale suit lining

Wrap up

Dressing for an outdoor wedding in the desert doesn’t need to be complicated. Just remember the key points above and you’ll have no problem keeping your cool while looking sharp!

By Ryan Wagner

And remember, Scottsdale is our second home these days. Contact us today to find out when we’ll be there next and we’ll schedule an appointment with you.

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