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3 great sock options for fall

The cooler weather means that now I will have to wear socks again.

For those of you that may not have gathered from previous blog posts, I usually go sans socks during the warmer months. I think it’s a nice look during the hot days of summer and as someone who doesn’t have sweaty feet, I can get away with it just fine.

But now the weather is turning cooler here in the Denver area and the last thing I want is cold feet. Skimping on the socks in November doesn’t suggest avant-garde sartorial sense, but instead conveys the notion that perhaps you just forgot your socks altogether!

Therefore, I thought that now is a good time to write a post on socks, why not? So I reached into my closet and thought I would give you the rundown on (3) different styles with the aim of inspiring you to add a little diversity to your own sock drawer this season.

Let’s get down to business and boost your sock appeal! Here are (3) great sock options for fall.

1. Earth toned argyle

The most conservative of the (3), this one is relatively basic – earth tones and nothing too flashy. Argyle is always a fun choice and beats the heck out of any solid.


2. Polka dots

The darker red background suggests some of the more scenic leaves that are changing during this time of the year and the polka dots just make things all the more fun. Plus, it’s perfect for a pair of burgundy jeans.

This sock is going to stand out a bit. There’s really no getting around it, but that’s sort of the point, isn’t it?! If you’re feeling creative you can match the socks to your cardigan or neck tie – or pocket square! Then you really start to frame your wardrobe.

If the burgandy color is too strong for you then opt for a different color, but do yourself a favor and stick with polka dots, because the world needs more polka dots.


3. Colorful stripes

Filled with great fall colors, this pattern will be right there with you until the snow is consistently falling. And with a handful of different colors you can match just about anything to it. Just like the polka dot sock above, try matching the colors in this striped sock to something you’re wearing up top.


Wrap up

So there you have it. Three socks that will hopefully inspire you to add a little argyle and/or color to your sock rotation this fall.

And remember fellas, friends don’t let friends wear white socks to the office.

By Ryan Wagner

Matching: What should match and what doesn’t matter

When coordinating an outfit it is important to consider matching certain items, or at least be aware of what color combinations you happen to be using.  In fashion, there are few golden rules and sometimes good common sense will help you prevail.  Traditional dressers over the years would probably tell us that socks should match trousers, shoes match the belt, etc.  Today we see wardrobes that are put together with obvious thought and many with none at all!  Do understand that people around you are aware of the time and effort that you put into your clothing and appearance.  The following matching and coordinating tips I propose for discussion.


  • Match socks to trousers.  This does not mean that your sock color has to match the trouser perfectly, but try to bring in as much of the trouser color as possible.  Pattern socks with a contrast color background that have the trouser color in the print or design of the sock works too.  Patterns in socks like polka-dots, argyles, foulards, stripes, and other abstract designs are all fun accents that help create your own style and fashion taste.  Just use good sense if you have an important mission that day.


  • Match belt to shoes.  In men’s fashion it is important to coordinate your belt and shoe color as close as possible.  Never wear a black belt with a brown or tan shoe and the reverse would also apply.  Belts on occasion will have more than one primary color that may pick up the shoe color.  Sometimes introducing this contrast accent is a nice touch to a wardrobe.  It is fine to be creative in your combinations, but do realize that others will notice a stark contrast in colors.

  • Match tie to “?”.  Each one of us will have an opinion on this one.  Some may say that your neckwear should match the suit or blazer, while others may think the tie should coordinate well to your shirt, pocket square, socks, etc.  The fact is that some combination of all of the above will probably be successful.  I am a believer of adding some color to that necktie so often you will not be matching anything, but just accenting your outfit with some tasteful contrast.  However, the neckwear you chose can have multiple colors that may match the color of the suit, shirt, pocket square, socks….and it goes on and on!  Be creative and have fun developing your personal wardrobe!