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A New Partnership: BE & Burke Cleaners

Burke Cleaners


We are excited to announce our new partnership in Northern Colorado with Burke Cleaners! It was only a matter of time before the premier men’s custom shop and the best in dry cleaners teamed up. After all, the very best in clothing deserves the finest in cleaning. Burke Cleaners is offering a free cleaning when you purchase a product from The Bespoke Edge. You will receive a free coupon when we deliver your clothing. Burke Cleaners has been my personal dry cleaner for many years and their professionalism and quality of work is excellent. Taking your handcrafted garments from The Bespoke Edge to Burke Cleaners is certainly our recommendation. Don’t forget to pick up one of BE’s business cards while you are there, for you and a friend!

The Coloradoan: On The Move

On The Move
March 16, 2013  |  The Coloradoan

The manager of the former The Regiment Shops, a men’s clothing store in Old Town that closed in 2008, has started The Bespoke Edge, a custom men’s tailoring businesses.

Ron Wagner will come to your home, take measurements, help you select fabrics and designs, then send your order off to Singapore where it will be hand cut and crafted. Two to three weeks later, your custom suit, shirt or trousers will be delivered to your door.

“We are offering a tailored fit that people can’t match off the rack,” Wagner said. “Shirts start at $125, suits at $695 and trousers, $195.”

The Regiment Shops closed amid a sour economy and Wagner said he has retooled with a smaller and far leaner venture selling custom clothes. “I have taught myself bookkeeping and am now owner, founder and CEO all in one. Above all else, I operate Fort Collins’ first custom shop — a much-needed addition to the social fabric of our town.”

Information: (970) 231-4588 or


The Bespoke Edge fabrics and pricing

One of the key ingredients to creating that sophisticated and useful wardrobe is the fabric you choose. We at The Bespoke Edge are proud to offer some of the most distinctive piece goods made in the finest mills. With hundreds of unique swatches to choose from you can create that one-of-a-kind shirt, trouser, vest, or suit with impeccable detail. Our shirt collection is a showcase of 100% Egyptian and Italian cottons that include 2-ply and super 120’s yarns. We also offer the ultimate in seasonal weights with the classic Sea Island cotton. Value pricing for these durable and stylish shirtings start at $125.00.


From the finest woolen mills across the globe BE has collected a special group of all wool fabrics for that distinguished gentleman. Our selection begins with the classic gabardine woven in super 110’s or 120’s for durability and distinctive design or fit. These comfortable yarns are a perfect match for business trousers and suits that will provide many years of service. And for the purist fashion dresser we offer woolens by Reda, an authentic made-in-Italy brand, that is still produced exclusively in the Biella province. These luxurious super 150’s yarns are woven of the finest merino wool from sheep in New Zealand! Quality, luxury, and taste are the benchmarks of each of our wool fabrics, and a true “bespoke” fit will be our promise. Prices for our versatile trousers start at $195.00 and handcrafted suits begin at $695.00.

In a nutshell, our fabrics and pricing are what makes BE unique. We go to great lengths to secure excellent fabrics and keep our overhead low to pass on savings to our valued customers.

If you’re in the Colorado front range region, contact us today to learn how we can help you to look your best!