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How to wash a dress shirt

We get a lot of questions from our clients on how to wash their new BE dress shirt. A custom shirt is a very special purchase and the last thing you want to do is wear it out once and then ruin it in the laundry!

But fear not, our shirts are pretty robust and if you keep in mind a few rules, we think you’ll be fine.

Here’s the BE guide on how to wash a dress shirt:

Wash at home

Washing your dress shirts at home is just fine. Use cold water for your darker fabrics, but warm water is OK for white shirts or lighter colors. Now all shirts are going to shrink to some degree – when Ron takes your measurements he will account for this minor shrinkage. But be sure to always let your shirts air dry on a hanger after you wash them to help mitigate any additional shrinkage.

Professional cleaning

Professional cleaning won’t be a cheap option, but it will be a safe way to minimize shrinkage and keep your ironing board in the closet. However, this is not “dry cleaning.” We don’t want you to dry clean your BE shirts. This process can be very tough on your shirt fabrics and will surely shorten your shirts’ lifetime. Instead, instruct your cleaner to use water and detergent with light starch, if any.

Don’t forget…

  1. Remove collar stays before washing or ironing.
  2. Pre-treat stains to help wipe them out!
  3. Hang your shirt on a wooden hanger when it’s not being worn – no skinny metal hangars.
  4. Iron with gentle heat and don’t be shy with the steam.
  5. Speaking of steam, BE art director Brett Wagner doesn’t even own an iron! Instead, he chooses to steam his shirts.


There you have it, the BE guide to washing your shirts. Now you know all there is to know about how to wash a dress shirt!

Have any questions for us? Feel free to drop us a line.

By Ryan Wagner

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