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Denver coffee scene: Steam Espresso

1. Can you tell me a little bit behind Steam? I imagine that you were able to leverage your skills and past experiences to create Steam Espresso.

Steam is a vision that my brother and I had for a long time. Our vision was to create a unique and beautiful space for people to meet and enjoy quality coffee. My brother is an Architect with extensive background in design, and I have solid and experience working in coffee for 6 years before steam,so we were definitely able to leverage on our skills.


2. What’s more important: coffee or atmosphere? Or are they equal?

Both are important! Coffee tastes better in a beautiful environment.


3. Say you walk into a new coffee shop in another city, what do you order?

My typical order would be a single shot of espresso and a cappuccino. This is my usual order at steam.

4. I imagine you’re a busy man running the shop – how are you able to juggle everything?

It’s tough- I am very committed to what I do. You have to have passion and enjoy what you do to stay committed. It’s a very demanding business. The key is to LOVE what you do, stay-organized as much as possible, have solid systems in place, and hire the right people.



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