Men's Custom Clothing

How To

Simple question - how can you dress better?

While a custom suit will certainly set you apart from the crowd in a hurry, there are a handful of very practical ways that you can become the best dressed version of yourself.

How to dress like a man

Dressing sharp doesn’t need to be expensive or complicated. Our How-to articles will teach you everything from how to tie a bowtie to how to wear dress shoes without socks.

How To

Newly engaged? Here’s how to get savvy with your financials

If you follow our work here at Bespoke Edge, you'll know that we build quite a few custom wedding su...

Clothing Care

Guess what was in the shoe shine box

The other day I happened to find myself at the Bespoke Edge windsor office and in need of some shoe ...

Guy Knowledge

The basted fitting: A hallmark of bespoke suiting

When Ron and Brett and I founded Bespoke Edge back in 2012, it was very important to all of us that ...

Guy Knowledge

About that lapel buttonhole

It seems a bit odd to have a lapel buttonhole on your jacket, but no button on the other side, doesn...


How to spot a custom suit – 4 subtle giveaways

Custom suiting for men has certainly grown in popularity over the past five years. Many men are disc...

Dress Tips

The right way to roll up your sleeves

As a kid, I would roll up my sleeves sometimes to signify that "I was getting down to business." As ...

Guy Knowledge

What is a men’s clothier?

When you start to think about it, you begin to realize just how many different ways there are to say...

Dress Tips

Why corozo buttons are my new favorite

If you've shopped with us before, you'll know that aside from offering an enormous collection of sui...

Dress Tips

Scottsdale style: The T-shirt and sportcoat combo

The T-shirt and sportcoat pairing is one of those sartorial risks that few take and even fewer can p...

Guy Knowledge

Is raw denim the same as selvedge denim?

Is Raw denim the same as Selvedge denim? That's the driving question behind my ongoing search fo...

Dress Tips

Unique suit linings from Bespoke Edge

For some time now, Ron has been searching high and low for some unique suit linings. A task that wh...


BE is proud to offer men’s clothing in Scottsdale

We have a big announcement for you...Beginning in September, we will be regularly offering our men's...


Summer suit guide: What you need to know to stay cool and look great

Summer presents a unique sartorial opportunity when it comes to suits. It's easier than ever to stan...

Guy Knowledge

Professional knife sharpening – what you need to know

I recently realized just how incredibly dull my kitchen knives had become. Not only were they not c...

Guy Knowledge

Has Boulder changed for the better?

Boulder seems to be all over the news these days. Either because of something in reference to the ho...

Guy Knowledge

The story behind Father’s Day

Father's Day gift guides just seem so trite, don't they? So, as a history buff, I thought I'd tak...

Guy Knowledge

Fused versus canvas construction – what’s the difference?

There's a horse in your suit jacket, did you know that? Well, if your suit jacket is constructed ...


Trend report: The new suit culture

“I didn’t sell a single suit all last week.” That’s what I overhead at a department store...

Myths of custom

What’s the difference between Bespoke and MTM?

As a custom clothing provider we are often asked about the difference between bespoke and made to me...


Everything he needs to know about finding the right wedding suit

Originally published on Recently engaged? Congratulations! As you dive into the we...

Guy Knowledge

Interior design basics for guys

Interior design can be a sensitive topic for guys. It can seem intimidating and even emasculating fo...


5 things about suits you have completely wrong

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about wearing suits. And in today’s typical work envir...

Myths of custom

Why we don’t sell suits online

We don't compromise. That's what makes BE, BE. It's a lesson my father taught Brett and I when wer...

Guy Knowledge

Pick Stitching – what it is and how to find it

Pick stitching is a term that gets thrown around a lot, but not many guys really know what it is. Wh...

Dress Tips

Notched lapel versus peaked lapels

When shopping for a suit, one of the first big decisions you'll need to make is whether you want a n...

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