Men's Custom Clothing

Style Basics

What is style?

There have been many great explanations over the years, but we like to think of style as simply wearing clothes that make you feel good. And it’s easier than you may think.

What you need to know

In this category, we have collected our best articles and videos to help you become a sharply dressed man. You’ll learn about how to put your clothes to work for you.

Style Basics

What to keep in your suit pockets

Ever since I was a kid I was picking things up and putting them in my pockets (The cargo short era o...

Style Basics

Women’s suits and creating a versatile look, with style expert Delphine Gennisson

Since BE has been in business, we have been approached every now and again by women inquiring about ...

How To

Newly engaged? Here’s how to get savvy with your financials

If you follow our work here at Bespoke Edge, you'll know that we build quite a few custom wedding su...

Guy Knowledge

About that lapel buttonhole

It seems a bit odd to have a lapel buttonhole on your jacket, but no button on the other side, doesn...

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