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Custom wedding suits and tuxedos

Your wedding is the perfect opportunity to own an amazing suit or tuxedo. But how do you find the right one? We’re here to help you find your look.

Discover your style

It’s OK if you don’t have a lot of experience with custom suits or tuxedos. We’re here to help. Our wedding articles and videos are going to teach you everything that you need to know.

Style Basics

How is a tuxedo different from a suit?

This is a very common question. The short answer is that a tuxedo is dressier than a suit and has sa...


Our interview with Payton Bernstine, of Promise Event Planners

As part of our continued effort to seek out some of Colorado's most talented wedding vendors, I rece...


Colorado Wedding Photographer, Daylene Wilson

If you follow BE you know that I have a tendency to reach out to wedding photographers. As a custom ...


Spotlight on fine art photographer, Tamara Gruner

As Bespoke Edge matures, we are beginning to realize that our clothing tends to look absolutely grea...


Colorado Wedding Men’s Clothing

It's becoming more and more popular for grooms to buy their wedding suit or tuxedo than rent somethi...


Bespoke Edge Groom’s Guide to Wedding Planning

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Featured Company

Pink Diamond Events – a Fort Collins gem

A few weeks back, I discovered an event planning company located in my hometown of Fort Collins call...


Sunshine & Reign Photography, a rad duo out of Arizona

As part of our ongoing effort to seek out the finest wedding photographers around, I recently flew o...


Sweet Lime Pictures, featured wedding photographer

As part of my continued effort to meet Colorado's best wedding photographers, I recently sat down w...


Looking for a wedding photographer? Check out JXC Photo

Each year, we continue to work with more and more grooms. And so recently, I decided that we really ...


Interview with photographer, From the Hip Photo

Every time we build a suit for a groom it's a huge privilege. It's an opportunity for us to build a ...


How to build the perfect Scottsdale wedding suit

At Bespoke Edge, it's safe to say that we know our way around a wedding suit. And although the warm ...


Everything he needs to know about finding the right wedding suit

Originally published on Recently engaged? Congratulations! As you dive into the we...


Colorado vintage wedding inspiration

This past summer we had the pleasure of being included in a Colorado vintage wedding styled photo sh...


How to choose a vintage wedding suit

Vintage weddings seem to be all the rage right now. A quick survey on Pinterest will show a whole...

Dress Tips

BE guide: How to choose a wedding suit

A lot of couples today are realizing that they don't want to go to the mall and rent a suit or tuxe...

Dress Tips

5 Style Tips for Grooms

Recently, I caught up with Kelly Hinde of the Little White Dress Bridal Shop and asked her if she wa...


What’s a dinner jacket?

For many years I was under the impression that a dinner jacket was merely a jacket that you wore to ...

Dress Tips

How to choose a wedding suit

So you popped the question and thought the hard part was over, right? Then the onslaught of planning...

Dress Tips

Why this should be your wedding suit

When you're in the men's clothing business you have to keep your ear to the ground to keep abreast o...

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